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Delagón S.L. (Del Águila González)
Four Generations Dedicated to Ibérico

Delagón is a company that is dedicated to the production of prime quality cured Ibérico Pig products. Counting from the very beginnings of the past century, we now boast four generations that have been dedicated to creating and always sustaining the most consistent quality in our Acorn Fed Ibérico Hams, Shoulder Hams, Loins and Sausage Meats. This has been our constant work day after day during our first century of history.

It is only thus that we have managed to ensure that our artisanal style tradition is absolutely compatible with the techniques and demands that arise at each given moment, currently offering the highest of standards, always under strict quality control guaranteed by the regulation boards pertaining to our industry

Our Most Highly Desired Product: Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham

As you can see for yourself when you take a look at our product catalogue, at Delagón we offer a complete range of traditional Ibérico products, including 100% Acorn Fed Ibérico (Pata Negra (Black Hoof)), as well as Acorn Fed Ibérico and pastured and acorn and grain fed Ibérico.

Even so, if there is a product that has always distinguished us and carried our fame throughout the entire country, that product is our 100% Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham and our Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham.

This is also the product that enjoys the highest demand on the market in its most updated format: hand sliced product envelopes, which are hand sliced by our Master Ham carvers. The most traditional flavor hand-in-hand with the most modern of presentations.

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Painstaking Care Throughout the Process

La Dehesa
(The Meadowlands)

It is precisely in the dehesas (meadowlands) of the western and southwestern area of the Iberian peninsula where we select the very best Ibérico pigs to then subsequently follow-up on their correct growth and fattening. Thus, fed with a combination of pastureland grasses and roots and Holm and Cork Oak acorns the pigs acquire unrepeatable characteristics that provide the basis of a unique and exclusive product.

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The Ibérico Breed

At Delagón we always wager on the very best varieties and breeds pertaining to the Ibérico trunk, that is mainly Retinta and Torbiscal. Despite the fact that they all share their singularity due to the type of fat and marbling they produce, we have been trusting in the result for more than a century now, covering both 100% Ibérico as well as cross-breads (75% and 50% Ibérico).

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Unique in the World

It is not however all dependant on the selected Ibérico breed, its natural diet and traditional animal husbandry, as our products are also distinguished by the singular climate and elevation conditions that we enjoy. A unique microclimate that is absolutely perfect for the maturing and curing of our Ibérico products; which in turn has made our Villa famous throughout the entire world.

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