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The manufacturing process of our products starts in the dehesa (meadowlands), where we select the very best Ibérico Pig drifts and it then continues with the transfer and slaughtering of the animals; always ensuring their wellbeing and that the European regulations in that regarding animal welfare and health are strictly complied with.

At our facilities we start off with the production of Ibérico Hams and Shoulder Hams by first salting and storing the cut pieces in temperature and humidity controlled chambers to thus achieve that perfect point of salting. Since we are to be found smack in the middle of town, already at this point we can take advantage of the elevation and climate of the area. In the south of Salamanca we can shorten the salting process because the hams are already enjoying a dryer and colder climate than other Ibérico production areas, thus the result is that first “sweet” taste on the palate that is so characteristic of our salted and cured Ibérico products.

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After this and always in natural facilities,  we continue with the drying process. Thanks to the climate of our county –where altitude surpasses 1000 meters, with dry and cold winters –during which snow is quite frequent in the Béjar, Gredos and Francia Sierras- and short warm summers, the microclimate of our Villa continues to hold the starring role in the maturation phase; approximately twelve months depending on the climate.

During the summer months the process continues with the “sweating” of the Ibérico Hams and Shoulder Hams. As the temperatures rise the fats in the ham, mainly oleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid melt together and infiltrate throughout the entire piece to the point of dripping. This stage takes place in natural drying sheds, always using the ambient temperature. “Sweating” of the ham allows for that indisputable bouquet on the palate to arise, creating the different aroma and flavor that is unique to an Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham.

The maturation or ageing phase in natural cellars is carried out with a traditional balance between temperature and humidity. Depending on the size and quality of the pieces, this phase takes between two and four years. Time for resting and maturing in cellars in which the passing of the seasons is detained while all the organoleptic properties of our products develop in peace and quiet.


In as far as our Ibérico Loins and Small Loins are concerned, the traditional method for their production is also duly followed, as is likewise the case with the most classic of Ibérico sausage meats (Ibérico Chorizo and Salchichón).

All this includes use of our family recipes for the adobo (marinade) and constant coddling and surveillance during the curing and maturing phases


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